Surely you have ever heard about Atlantis and how difficult it is to access it. That is why we offer you a jet ski route through the waters of Ibiza so that you can discover the hidden cove of Atlantis and discover all the secrets that it hides.

For two hours you will visit the crystal clear waters and rock formations that the Ibiza coast presents, but the star destination of this excursion is Atlantis, the well-known cove secret of Ibiza . You will enjoy the magic of this cove and its natural pools of crystalline color. It will be a ride in jetski that you will never forget since the experience of knowing one of the most visited rock quarries in Ibiza does not pass every days.

The instructors teach you the keys necessary to cross the Ibizan waters at full speed. We have 10 jetskis so if you were thinking of sharing this experience with someone, this is the right place for you.

In addition, you do not need to have a license since the monitors will accompany you at all times and will be in charge of guiding you through this adventure. Of course, to be able to drive the jetski you have to be over 16 years old , otherwise you can go as a co-pilot and also enjoy the experience.


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