Boats with license and without, best deal!


Could we bring our own food?

We recommend you prepare a good picnic for the excursion, the sea and the sun always whet your appetite. In addition, we have a homemade fridge so you can keep your food and drinks cold, yes, you must bring the ice.

How many crew members can fit on the boat? Could we invite someone else?
The boats are dispatched for 5 and 6 people, it depends on the boat to choose and the number of adults and children. Unfortunately no one else could upload. Firstly, by the number of passengers legally established. And, secondly, because before going sailing a contract is made in which the number of people on board the ship is reflected.
What would be the minimum age when sailing with the boat?
The legal minimum age would be 3 years, appreciating the consent of the parents. We will highlight that regardless of age, we have safety vests adapted to the needs of any client.
Do you have a security team on board?
Yes, our boats are equipped with everything required under Spanish naval law. For us, both the safety of our customers and the service we offer in a priority area of our company.
In adverse weather conditions do we go sailing?
Safety at sea is the number ONE factor valued in our company, therefore, if the conditions are not optimal to set sail we cancel the departure. Unfortunately, the weather at sea is constantly changing and our obligation is to inform you in advance of it. For example, the day of the reservation arrives and the sea is bad, we offer another date or refund the money.
Can you navigate freely along the entire coast? What would be the appropriate distance?
Unfortunately not. The distance would be 200 m parallel to the coast, if we invaded that area we would be endangering the area intended for bathers.
At what height should we navigate in front of the cliffs?
When we navigate near a cliff we will leave a distance of 50 meters. Near the cliffs, under the sea there are many uneven rocks and can damage the boat.
Can I dock at any port?
No, each ship has its port, boarding and destination area.
Is it possible to anchor in all places freely?
No, we can only anchor on sandy bottoms, NEVER drop the anchor on top of the Posidonia. If we are at anchor, and we perceive that the boat is clawing, that is, it is moving because the anchor slides on the sand, we change our anchoring place, we could collide with other boats that are at anchor or go ours towards the rocks.

Is it possible to rent the boat without a captain?

Yes, these ships are designed so that anyone of legal age can live the experience of becoming their own captain for a day. What's more, you don't need a license or previous experience to enjoy the magical island from the sea.

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