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How many people can go on each jet ski?

One or two people can go on each Jet Ski.

Is the price per jet ski?

Yes, the price is per jet ski, for one or two people.

Can we change to ride the jet ski?

Yes, usually one go and the other comes. As you please.

Do I need a navigation license?

For excursions (tours), it is not necessary.
The excursions are guided by a professional jet ski instructor in groups of up to 4 jet skis.

To rent a jet ski for a full day it is necessary to have a nautical license.

Where is the departure from?

The departure is made from our hut in San Antonio Shop. Click here for de map.

Do we stop during the tour?

Yes. We do a swimming stop by the middle of the tour, at the destination point.
You can bring your snorkel 

What do i need to bring?

Photo ID and booking confirmation (printed or phone). Swimwear and sun protection. We give you the lifejacket.

Where can I leave my stuff?

You can leave a small backpack in our hut.
In jet skis there are compartments for small things like cameras, glasses, etc …

What time must we be at the hut to go out?

It is necessary to be at the departure point 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

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